When Rachel was lost in neuropathy pain from leg surgery, she looked for answers to calm the side effects. Lost with no answer in Modern Western Efforts only masking everything. Rachel turned to study Old Eastern Holistic and found answers. She took this as a calling to start educating others, and bring both realms together. Later, when starting her teachings with her co-host Cris and their guest…they have now included diversity teachings to help others heal as a whole and make them their best advocate. No health subject is left untouched, but Some episodes will pair with our YouTube channel. Plus, There are episode’s that are heavy episodes, making them hard to hear, trust they are hard to talk about. We believe only with shining a light into the dark with love, education and truth can move hearts.To the ones that follow us. Thank you!!! A Facebook page Infusion Health has been created know of updates and future episodes faster. Another group for further knowledge of Fb has been created called EO Infusion. If you love what you hear let us know, leave a review and spread the word.We welcome anyone to give suggestions in future topics. Our hope is to educate everyone, and bring forward episodes that start conversations. You can reach out at Loveinfusionhealth@gmail.com (DISCLAIMER) Because we are not professionals. We will only give suggestions in the lighter subjects and bringing in professionals in harder subjects.