Nov. 9, 2021

Gail Wollf

Gail Wollf
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Slim Spurling’s tensor ring provides a great solution to what Dr Emoto discovered happens to water through the transmission of subtle energy. The recent creation of the Frequency Cutting Board provides a great means for utilizing the technology that Slim Spurling created to transform the dark or negative energies that Dr Emoto showed us can be present in food that has been handled by disgruntled people. Frequency Cutting Boards utilize a Tensor ring that is embedded into the bottom of it which clears and transforms the energy within the food that is being prepared. These boards are built according to the Golden Ratio and literally digest the negative energy in a person’s food prior to it ever making it’s way to their plate so they don’t have to. One of the boards on the market today is imbued with a Tensor Ring which is set to the frequency of 528Mhz, which happens to be the frequency of love. Yummy, yummy, my food feels like love in my tummy!