June 22, 2021

Ground Garden CBD the non-high (Truth from a CBD Farmer)

Ground Garden CBD the non-high (Truth from a CBD Farmer)
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The episode this week can be know as controversial, but I feel necessary if we want to explore all form of health and relief!!!!

I also want to make a thank you note for the amazing listeners, that are following us week after week. I don’t know you but I do thank you. I’m very blessed to have you find content in everything we do. For this reason I’m starting a Fb group so I can reach out more personally to all of you. And, be able to let you have updates on Infusion Health. And, get direct feedback from you.


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This week we are paring this podcast with YouTube, we hope to do this more on upcoming episodes.  

Bio on 
Grounded Gardens is a woman owned and operated hemp farm, CBD Producer, and CBD Store licensed in Minnesota. Grounded Gardens mission is to create and produce the best quality, small batch, healthy, sustainable, handmade CBD products. Through organic farming practices, our hemp is ethically grown and compliance tested from seed to shelf and farm to table. This gives Grounded Gardens complete control to know what goes into our products and farm. Grounded Gardens makes our products from all-natural ingredients, fresh pressed Full Spectrum CBD rosin or CBD Butter, and essential oils. This gives our customers security knowing what each product is made of and that the products are at the highest standards for CBD. Grounded Gardens supports the Minnesota Grown program and the ingredients we don't farm ourselves, are sourced as locally as possible! Knowing your Farmer and knowing your products is our goal through education for CBD consumers in this ever-changing CBD industry!