Aug. 3, 2021

Midtown Farmers Market

Midtown Farmers Market
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This market is unlike any other, and to prove that point the Governor of Minnesota is coming this Saturday Aug 7th to this Farmers Market. 
Found at 3032 Minnehaha Ave in Minneapolis MN. 

Just to enlighten our listeners to why this Market is so great we sat down with Two of the three beautiful women that keep this Farmers Market running threw the uprising, and pandemic. 

On the mics with us
Manager: Keeya Allen  
Assistant Manager: Molly Flemmy

But, none of this would not have been possible without their third helper, my original contact 
Executive Director: Alicia D Simon

But, don’t just take our testimony to how great these women are. Look back at our past episode (Winters Goddess and hear from some vendors at the market)