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I love this pod, my brother recommended it. I have listened to many podcasts but this one is the best. It’s very good.

Genuine and entertaining

Just discovered this podcast and I’ve listen to a couple of episodes. Really enjoying it and find it very entertaining, and also educational. Thank you.


I would like to share!!

This is great!!!

Thank you very much. I listened to your two episodes on 3 May and 12th April. I like it very much. Move forward in this way. Thank you

awesome podcast

Lots of information

The beautifu

I love this Health & Fitness podcast

The best Infusion Health podcast

Your voice is very beautiful.

Excellent podcast

I like this kind of podcast a lot

Great Health & Fitness podcast

I like your podcast a lot. I love listening to your podcast most of the time

Gripping storytelling

I am really enjoying this podcast. I love this podcast, Very well executed. Telling the story of this came to be is important.

The best

I love this podcast, listen to it way too much, simply the best, 5 stars. This is one of the first podcasts that I started listening to on my commute (back in 2011?) and it has remained my favorite! Thanks for another amazing episode.


Absolutely outstanding. I listen to podcasts most of my day. This podcast is one of the better mode podcasts. I can’t listen to a lot of them and this one holds my attention. Thanks for this story!

Well structured!

Very topical podcast, good to be a part of it


Rachel is a really hard working woman she goes through so much and still try’s. Keep up the good work

The kids

I talked to the parents. Although, they don’t deny they did send them outside it was not that cold, Not that late, and the kids were dressed when the parents were cleaning the house. Which the kids lack to do. Rach is having some heavy medical problems going on currently. And the kids are not kids they are adults that often don’t step up. Rach has been told by family and friends to kick them out. But, she doesn’t. So, before you judge her please know her story.

Madonna Hanna Anti-bullying Advocate

The 30 minute podcast was packed with information for concerned parents. Chris and Rachel are excellent hosts who keep the interview flowing at a comfortable pace.

Great Podcast!

This is a great informative nuts and bolts podcast about many things! It is short and to the point which is awesome for a podcast. I love being able to listen to it in one sitting! Great job, I look forward to more topics that you cover.