April 4, 2023

The Mediated Bias: An Uncomfortable but Necessary Look at Prejudice in Medicine" W/PA Scott Faust

The Mediated Bias: An Uncomfortable but Necessary Look at Prejudice in Medicine
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In today's show, we will be discussing the troubling effects of medical bias, the discrimination that too often persists in the field of medicine. We will delve into how biased assumptions and stereotypes are negatively impacting the delivery of healthcare services and how to combat this troubling issue.
Join us as we chat with expert PA Scott Faust in the medical field, discussing topics ranging from disparities in access to healthcare, gender bias, racial discrimination in healthcare and beyond. Our Scott  will discuss potential solutions to reduce and even eliminate bias in the medical field, providing you with resources and insight on how you can make a positive impact on this ongoing issue. We are determined to promote an equitable and safe medical field for all, and it starts with open dialogue and proactive action.

To reach out to PA Scott Faust
Email address: stfaust@me.com

Patient advocacy — several out there — one of the most vested and fruitful is the:

National Patient Advocate Foundation

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