April 26, 2022

What is being a Shamanic healer w/ Mary Newstrom

What is being a Shamanic healer w/ Mary Newstrom
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Mary is a dynamic healer.  In 1982 her Spirit Guide, Zenith, first visited her.  Shortly after his visit, she started down the path of a healer.  Zenith continues to have a strong presence in Mary’s life but she has had many other Spirit Guides join her along the way.  Complementing the Shamanic training she has received Reiki Master Level 3 attunement along with Laying on Hands training.

Under the guidance of Loui Pieper in 1999, she started studying shamanism. She has been trained as a Shamanic healer, from local teachers, in addition to spending time in Peru, connecting with indigenous shamans. She has experience with plant medicine and dieta’s in the jungles of Peru.

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