Infusion Health

Infusion Health

Welcome to Infusion Health – the podcast where we explore health through all angles, striving to achieve a more balanced and healthy life. Here we talk about diverse topics ranging from nutrition, physical activity, and alternative healthcare to LGBTQ+ and racial inclusivity. Join us each week as we embark on a journey to live a healthy and inclusive lifestyle and be our own advocate on the road to wellbeing.

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Navigating Learning with ADHD: Tips and Tricks for Children to Excel W/ Inell Billups

Navigating Learning with ADHD: Tips and Tricks for Children to Excel W/ Inell Billups

May 30, 2023

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects children all around the world. It can cause problems in academic settings and makes learning difficult for many students. If you are a student with ADHD, it can be chal…

"Nourish Your Body: Separating the Myths from the Truths about Organic” Devin Briggemann

May 16, 2023

Let's begin with organic foods. The organic food movement has gained momentum in recent years as people seek healthier options and greater transparency in their food choices. While it is true that organic foods are grown wit…

"Discovering the Unique Truths of Eckanbar: A Journey through its Relation with Global Religions" W/Rev Lyle

May 9, 2023

Eckanbar is a belief system that emphasizes the importance of personal spiritual growth and enlightenment. Its teachings revolve around the idea that we are all connected and that everything in the universe is part of a grea…

Madonna's Marathon: Takes On a New Challenge

Madonna's Marathon: Takes On a New Challenge

April 24, 2023

At age 57, Madonna decided to pursue a new passion: running track. Having never stepped foot on a track before, she worked up her nerve and set out to achieve a new milestone in her life. Training wasn't easy, but with shee…

"Inspiring Change: A Conference for Women to Take Control" w/ Coach Anjua

April 18, 2023

Welcome everyone to our show today with Coach Anjua. We are here to explore the topic of sensuality and how it can fuel our inner fire and give us freedom from the limitations of our minds. Through meditation and mindful pra…

"An Enlightening Discussion with Rev Lyle: Uncovering the Truth About Scientology

April 11, 2023

Welcome to another episode of our podcast, where today we are discussing Scientology with the esteemed Reverend Lyle. In this episode, we explore the core principles and beliefs of Scientology as articulated by the founder, …