March 14, 2023

Mysterious world of paganism was Reverend Lyle

Mysterious world of paganism was Reverend Lyle
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Today on the podcast we’re discussing the truth about paganism in Native American and Celtic cultures. Paganism is a set of religious beliefs that are generally non-monotheistic and characterized by worship of multiple deities or natural elements. Although each pagan culture has its own distinct belief systems, many aspects remain the same. The indigenous peoples of North America embraced animistic beliefs that often included spirits of the land and its elements. From ancient shamans to modern tribal rituals, a reverence for the land, the plants and animals within it, and the idea that spirit inhabits all things are central tenets of many pagan cultures in North America. In the Celtic culture, a polytheistic religion prevailed that focused on numerous gods and goddesses that embodied nature. Celts also placed emphasis on the various cycles of life, such as birth, death, and rebirth, and the deep spiritual connection to nature and the supernatural world. Druids were known to conduct rituals and other spiritual activities to ensure harmony between the natural and supernatural realms. To better understand the practices and rituals of the pagan religions found in Native American and Celtic cultures, be sure to tune in to our podcast and hear from some of the leading experts in this field. From shamanic rituals to tales of druids, we have it all covered.

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