Sept. 20, 2022

Scoops get Away

Scoops get Away
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Brandi like many people has a love for crystals, And because of Tiktok lives. There is a new kind of way to buy them. Brandi like 1000’s (including me) thought they were getting a deal. Therefore, they bought a scoop, and love the illusion of what they were going to receive in the mail. When they got their long awaited package though disappointment set hard into reality broken, chipped pour quality. Sometimes not getting the whole order, the company would  switch the order, sadly all the pieces were low quality. Where the sellers on live continued to chant the crystals were high quality.

Join us as we speak to Brandi about the truth of these sellers, and suggestions on how to do the right things for the costumer.

You can see more truth on Brandi’s tiktok

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